Google undinged by Bing

Google has 65% of the search market and everyone else is pushing rocks uphill.

There was a time when Microsoft had an unassailable lead in the OS market. Well, guess what, when it comes to OS market share, Microsoft is still unbeatable. Now, there’s search market share, and Google owns it, pwns it, and slam dunks it. This doesn’t stop other companies from painting a rosy picture of every micro-percentage leap every now and then.

Comscore says that in February, Google declined from 65.5% to 65.1%, while Yahoo’s share rose to 16.9% from 16.8% and Bing rose to 11.7% from 11.5%.

The numbers can be found in two articles on Search Engine Land, one on Hitwise here, and one on comScore numbers here. Yes, there is a site where they watch Search Engines. It is the equivalent of being an actuary but with less sex. In fact, at this rate, there will be no sex for anyone working in technology because, they will be watching meaningless flutters of butterfly wings hoping to trace a tornado in some distant universe.

See what I’m getting at: Google rules. To get close to denting, dinging, or irking the giant G, someone is going to have to come up with a new Internets. Maybe mobile will do it. After all, the mobile market transformed Apple and left it so far ahead of Microsoft that we can all forgive and forget the Newton. Maybe mobile search is the new battleground.