Google sues over work-from-home scam

Google is suing Utah-based Pacific Webworks, claiming it has been running a work-at-home scam using the Google brand name.

The ads promised large rewards for working at home, once applicants paid shipping and handling costs for a ‘free’ toolkit called  The Home Business Kit for Google or Google Adwork.

The applicant’s credit card then goes into overdrive.

“Scumbags advertised $1.95 home business kit that never arrived and my CC was billed $69.95,” reads one message on complaints website Ripoffreport.

“I was curious about these Google Biz kits you see on the web.  I ordered a $2 item.  Next thing I see charges on my credit card for $69 for something I never purchased,” says another. 

“Turns out this scammer company hides the terms and conditions below the screen where you cannot see it and would not likely look for anything. By buying the $2 item I apparently agreed to purchase some other services from them for $69 a month until cancelled.”

Google’s lawsuit alleges trademark infringement, unfair business practices and cyber piracy.