Google & Microsoft lure Nokia away from MeeGo and Symbian with cash

The Internet has been abuzz with rumors over Nokia CEO Stephen Elop’s plans to fire some high level execs tomorrow at an analyst meeting in London. Everyone is talking about Elop’s vision of a new Nokia, but some argue that money could play an important role in the changes. In the meantime, both Microsoft and Google are supposedly offering Nokia hundreds of millions of dollars to switch to Windows 7 or Android operating systems.

Recently, Elop’s own notes leaked in what’s been called a “burning platform” memo, confirming that Nokia is indeed in trouble and needs to make some serious changes. In the memo, Elop blamed the problems on MeeGo and Symbian, which has prompted speculation on whether Nokia will switch over to Google or Microsoft operating systems. 

The New York Times reported, “To get Nokia to switch, Google and Microsoft are offering hundreds of millions of dollars worth of engineering assistance and marketing support, according to a person who has done consulting for the company and was told of the talks.”

Remember, Nokia is still the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer, which would make the crossover beneficial for Microsoft or Google, depending on which company Nokia chooses to partner with.

Although analysts agree that money won’t be the only deciding factor in the Friday’s announcements, both Google and Microsoft’s offers could play an important role. The Times has its money on Nokia choosing Android.

(Via Computer World)