Google expands Chrome web store, offers Angry Birds

Google has announced that its Chrome Web Store will be available to the “entire” browser user base in 41 different languages. 

The announcement comes as Google debuted its first-gen Samsung and Acer Chromebooks, computers designed for fast startup and instant connectivity which will be available as of June 15th.

Mountain View also pegged the number of Chrome browser users at an impressive 160 million worldwide (up from 70 million last year), with around 17 million apps installed to date.

Of course, the expansion of the Chrome Web Store plus the new Chromebooks are expected to significantly increase the number of users and app installations over the coming months. 

Along with the expansion of its web store, Google announced a Chrome web-based version of the uber popular Angry Birds game – with cached offline playback options.

To further update the Chrome Web Store, Google is offering developers the ability to add in-app purchases to help monetize their products.

The company noted that in-app purchases can be added with “literally one line of code.”

Mountain View plans to “keep it simple” by charging developers a flat five percent fee instead of basing monthly fees on click through rate.