Gartner veep outlines Windows 7 migration costs

We asked last week why migrating to Windows 7 from Windows XP was reckoned to cost $1,930 a seat. Over the weekend, Gartner VP of research Michael Silver took the time to send us an email filling in some of the background.

We pointed out that Gartner’s upgrade estimate was an alarming four times the cost of buying everyone involved a brand new Dell PC. Comments Silver: “The cost of buying every user a new PC ignores the cost and time to talk to vendors, test the applications on Windows 7 and upgrade or replace any non-compliant software.

“Our numbers for Windows XP to Windows 7 assume that a 2,500 user organization where users have admin access to their PCs would have about 250 apps that need to be tested. If we assume an average of 10 apps per PC and that 15 percent need to be upgraded, that’s 1.5 apps per PC with a budgeted software cost of $100 per app to buy software upgrades, that’s $150 per PC for upgraded software.

“We also assumed 20 percent of apps need to be replaced @ $200 per application, which is another $400 per PC. For Gartner clients, the migration cost model is well-documented so they can put in their own assumptions and customize the numbers.”

Silver added that the cost of deploying PCs, reinstalling software, moving data and settings, and managing the project should also be factored in.