FTC shuts down ‘rogue’ ISP

The Federal Trade Commission has shut down an ISP that it says was  actively helping distribute spam, spyware and child pornography.

3FN operated under a variety of different names, including Pricewert LLC, Triple Fiber Network, APS Telecom, APX Telecom, APS Communications and APS Communication.

In June 2009, the FTC accused 3FN of actively recruiting and colluding with criminals to distribute spyware, viruses, trojans, phishing schemes, botnet command-and-control servers, and pornography featuring children, violence, bestiality, and incest.

The FTC says it advertised its services in the ‘darkest corners of the internet’.It ignored take-down requests, or else shifted IP addresses.

The FTC also alleged that 3FN deployed and operated botnets, with more than 4,500 malicious software programs controlled by command-and-control servers hosted by 3FN.

The malware included programs for keystroke logging, password stealing and data theft, programs with hidden backdoor remote control activity, and programs involved in spam distribution.

3FN’s servers and other assets have been seized and will be sold, and the company’s been ordered to turn over $1.08 million to the FTC.