Felicia Day endorses online anonymity

Internet video star Felicia Day has expressed her support for the continuing concept of online anonymity.

According to Day, anonymity can help encourage creativity, while allowing individuals to express their opinions without fear of being judged personally.

“A lot of us are prevented from doing things because of failure and being shamed,” Day told an SXSW panel in Austin, Texas.  

However, Day conceded that online anonymity can also be exploited by trolls and other unpleasant elements.

Day’s comments seem to echo those made earlier by Christopher Poole (aka Moot), who said 4Chan’s frenetic message board promotes dialogue, creativity and a genuine exchange of ideas.

“It’s riffing on a massive scale. [Yes], people want to think everyone on 4Chan is a young rambunctious male. That’s not accurate – it’s a wide range of people using it,” he explained.

“One of the things that 4Chan does that’s really special is the way people come together to collaborate en masse. It’s the process at which you arrive at the product that is fascinating.”

(Via VentureBeat)