FBI to probe AT&T security breach

The FBI has said that it has opened an investigation into the AT&T security breach that compromised iPad owners’ email addresses.

earlier this week, hacker group Goatse Security revealed that it had been able to harvest 114,000 email addresses for iPad 3G users by exploiting a weakness in AT&T software systems.

“The FBI is aware of these possible computer intrusions and has opened an investigation,” Katherine Schweit, an FBI spokeswoman, told the Wall Street Journal.

And according to the Washington Post, the Federal Coommunications Commission is taking an interest too.

“I am concerned about the report of a security breach to AT&T’s network that exposed the personal data of more than a hundred thousand iPad users,” Jamie Barnett, chief of the FCC’s public safety bureau, told the paper.

“The FCC will continue to work with all stakeholders to prevent future security breaches that violate consumer privacy and undermine trust in America’s communications infrastructure.”

Goatse Security defends its actions. “All data was gathered from a public webserver with no password, accessible by anyone on the Internet. There was no breach, intrusion, or penetration, by any means of the word,” says the company blog.

“The dataset was not disclosed until we verified the problem was fixed by the vendor. The only person to receive the dataset was Gawker journalist Ryan Tate who responsibly redacted it.”

“Your iPads are safer now because of us,” says Goatse.