Failed ex-Russian spy snags sweet media gig

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have taught Anna Chapman well – who seems to have snagged a sweet new gig in media thanks to her fame for doing nothing more than being a bad spy. 

Yes, the failed ex-spy has just been promoted to editor of a Russian venture capital newspaper called Venture Business News.

The spy, turned model, turned editor, will cover the latest and greatest in the world of venture capital. The editor has reserved a column in the newspaper for “Field News” –  her take on the most important economic matters of the week.

According to Chapman, the paper will “promote a positive image of young entrepreneurs, innovators, and technological business managers.”

“We must give them the freedom to be leaders in the country’s modernization, and get them to lead a new management system in a new economy based on the achievements of the mind,” she explained, according to a Forbes translation.

Chapman, who seems to have no real experience in media, has taken on a variety of jobs after her deportation from the States.

Much like Paris Hilton’s patent for her signature term,”That’s hot,” Chapman has one-upped the socialite by patenting her own name in mother Russia. She has since applied the name to her own clothing line, perfume line, and of course, a Russian-made vodka.

That’s not to say Chapman hasn’t forayed into the biztech world in the past. While spying in America, Chapman’s front was as a web real estate mogul where she ran a search engine site for Russian real estate called Since involuntarily returning to Russia, she worked as an advisor to FundServiceBank, Russia’s space agency to consult on “investment and innovation.”

We wonder what’s next for Chapman? World domination?

(Via Wired