Facebook: We’re all Trailer Park Trash now

By now, close to 350 million profiles have learned about the latest privacy changes to the beloved incubator of emotional diarrhea, Facebook. For those of you who breathe air of the outside world and know the warmth real human contact it’s sufficient that you know three things:

1. Facebook wants to make everything you do searchable and crawable

2. Facebook doesn’t really know what it should be doing with you

3. Facebook has to figure out a way of making you worth more per profile but would be much happier if it could so without you being actively involved. Just post updates dammit, and shut up!

The result is a mess of a site that keeps getting messier and more inconsistent the more money the site realizes and the more expectation gets heaped on it. Here’s some extra currricular reading on the issue from around the internets.

Facebook Privacy: An Oxymoron – Shelly Palmer of WNBC-TV NY

Change the rules and watch user log off – Financial Times

Facebook’s New Information-Sharing Options Attracts Criticism – Bloomberg

How long is the Emperor going to go on without any clothes despite the numerous cries of, Hey, dude, you’re nekkid! At this rate, probably until the valuation hits $20 billion and some conglomerate buys the damn thing. Then, said conglomerate and its executives, will congratulate themselves on their genius, talk about the monetization opportunities, and wait out the their option plans. Then, the whole thing collapses, everyone involved gets rich, and the company is relaunched under the management of someone who used to be an exec at some hot powerhouse of the day.

In the meantime, the people who continue to believe in the power of Facebook continue to diminish their karmic standing and are seeping out of their MacMansions into trailer parks where the detritus of their lives can be strewn across the front yard for anyone to see. Yeah, that’s what it is.

So, I ask the question, who is so desperate to move out of a nice secure neighborhood into a place where the walls are paper thin, everyone knows your business, and you’re up for a home invasion every week?

Facebook profiles, that’s who.

Yes, I refuse to call them users because, there is a guarantee that there are not 350 million actual users on Facebook but numerous multiple and false listings. Even if that is five percent of the total number of profiles, it’s equal to nearly 20 million profiles.