Facebook contract is ‘cut and paste job’, says Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has told a New York court that he never even discussed Facebook with Paul Ceglia, the man claiming a huge stake in the company, let alone signed a contract relating to it.

Ceglia sued Facebook last year claiming he signed a contract giving him 84 percent of the company back in 2003. Notably, he claimed he forgot all about the deal until complaints about his wood-pellet business got him searching for old assets.

Zuckerberg says he did sign a contract with Ceglia – but says it related to a completely different website, StreetFax, which provided pictures of traffic intersections to the insurance industry.

The Facebook contract, he says, is a ‘cut and paste job’.

“Many words and sentences simply make no sense, and the document is riddled with internal inconsistencies and contradictions strongly indicative of fraud,” he says in his filing.

“Ceglia appears to have taken page 2 of the signed StreetFax contract and appended it to a doctored version of page 1, which Ceglia has edited by adding references to ‘The Face Book.'”

Zuckerberg’s lawyers are calling for Ceglia to hand over the contract, along with 175 related emails, and for his computers to be inspected.

Zuckerberg says that a forensic review of his Harvard email account has sheon that the emails are forgeries, and that a similar forensic analysis of the contract will produce the same result.