Epic fail: Sony retweets jailbroken PS3 code

In a social media snafu, Sony spokesman Kevin Butler accidently retweeted PlayStation 3’s jailbreak code last night, mistaking the tweet for a “Battleship” board game reference.


Oh Kevin, you crack us up. The spokesman holding several fictional titles at Sony like VP of inspiration and perspiration, VP of realistic movement, and VP of yes we Canada, tweets from his Twitter handle @TheKevinButler about all the latest in Sony news and happenings. 

Upon seeing the tweet “#gamingis knowing the layout of every GameStop, Best Buy, and Target within a 20 mile radius,” @TheKevinButler responded, “Lemme guess, you sank my battleship?”

After that, @TheKevinButler retweeted the complete jailbroken code sent by user @exiva.

Upon realizing the mistake, the folks at Sony removed @TheKevinButler’s tweet and went back to cracking jokes about the Playstation 3.

The epic tweet fail is made even worse when one considers how sensitive Sony is about jailbreaking the PlayStation 3.

Last month, Sony requested a restraining order against hacker George Hotz, who created a jailbreak for running custom packages for the PlayStation 3.

Sony alleged that the jailbroken code violated the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, but Hotz countered by taking the issue to the DMCA.

Hotz claimed that his code was made for a closed system, which is the same as any code for a jailbroken mobile phone, specifically allowed by the DMCA.

The U.S. District Court eventually granted Sony a temporary restraining order, prompting Hotz to remove the jailbroken code from his website.

And then Sony goes ahead and tweets the PlayStation 3 jailbroken code.

Ohhhhh the irony. 

(Via CNET)