Does Oracle’s anti-Google rampage benefit Apple?

Larry Ellison and Oracle do not want Google’s Android to keep on rockin’ in the free world. 

But why? What is Ellison’s true motivation for accusing the Mountain View-based company of building its popular mobile OS on Sun’s Java software without permission?

Well, analyst Rob Enderle told TG Daily that Ellison views Google as an “abomination” because it primarily uses open-source technology acquired for free.

“Given that some of the technology in question is now Larry’s, he has something he can do about that and his goal is likely to either change [Google] or eliminate it,” explained Enderle.  

“If he changes it, the more likely successful path, it would be to sell products like Android and the Chrome OS for more money and pay Oracle a healthy fee.”

However, Enderle emphasized that Google would likely find both of Ellison’s alleged goals completely “unacceptable.”

“So, the products may have to be pulled until they can be rewritten as a result. 

“[Now], should that happen RIM and Microsoft would have likely been the biggest beneficiaries if the new Windows Phone 7 platform was [already] in market and RIM wasn’t under a cloud because of their government security issues.

“[Clearly], this leaves Apple as the real potential beneficiary…and Larry and Steve Jobs are close friends.  Given the timing, and how this is likely to play out, you have to wonder if this wasn’t some kind of material apology for writing Steve Jobs into the rant Larry did on Mark Hurd’s firing to the New York Times.”  

Why not?

Stranger things have happened.