Deal creates world’s biggest mobile social games company

Japan’s DeNA – maker of the mobile-only Mobage social game – is to buy ngmoco, creating what the companies say will be the biggest mobile social games company in the world.

In a deal worth as much as $403 million, DeNA will be hoping that ngmoco, which makes games for the iPhone and iPad, will help it expand into other platforms and world markets, especially the US. Ngmoco’s offerings include Rolando and Topple.

“Ngmoco will lead DeNA’s efforts in the Western world, including launching a new western smartphone version of the incredibly successful social games network, Mobage,” say ngmoco’s founders in a statement.

“We’ll be bringing our two companies’ collective experience and technology to bear and delivering you the smartphone version of this incredible service filled with amazing games and services, wrapped inside a vibrant community.”

The companies plan to bring both existing and new games to Android devices, and plan to open up their platforms and frameworks to developers.

“By integrating the native libraries and technologies that power our leading ngmoco family of games and our plus+ network with the Mobage SDK, we’ll create the Open Mobage Smartphone SDK,” says ngmoco.

“Developers who target this platform will gain access to the APIs, libraries and services that power the leading smartphone games, effortlessly bring their applications to both iOS and Android and get immediate access to a community of tens of millions of users both here in the West and Japan.”

Developers can sign up here.

DeNA recently bought games developer Gameview studios, as well as taking a stake in Astro Ape Studios.