Cops raid PS3 hacker’s house in Sony-led crackdown

German security officials – acting on orders from Sony – have raided the residence of a notable and very talented Playstation 3 hacker known as graf_chokolo.

“Guys, Sony was today at my home with police and got all my stuff and accounts,” chokolo confirmed in an official blog post.

“So be careful from now on.”

Fortunately, the hacker managed to upload all data related to HV [hypervisor] reversing procedures before the police unceremoniously broke down his door.

“Upload it everywhere so Sony [can’t] remove it easily. Grab it guys, it contains lots of knowledge about HV and HV procs,” he urged.

Unsurprisingly, Sony’s crackdown against graf_chokolo was harshly criticized by TorrentFreak’s enigmax. 

“[Yes], Sony has [certainly] stirred up such a hornets nest with their recent action against Geohot and friends.

“[But really], all they’ve done is paint the digital equivalent of a great big target on their chests. Short-sighted? You bet.”

(Via Torrent Freak and PSX-Scene)