College commits student over hidden camera

What sounds more nutso than “I think my landlord is hiding a camera in my bedroom?” 

If you answered nothing, then you’re on the same page with what administrators at Brooklyn College thought when Nigerian national Chinemerem Eze came to them with this very claim.

But instead of indulging her paranoia and having a look, school administrators had her thrown into the psych ward.

Nothing says “we care” like “you’re committed.”

Brooklyn College felt confident in its decision to commit Eze, who claimed that she was being “defamed on the Internet” by her roommates and landlord, and that “her landlord at the time had installed a hidden camera in her bedroom.”

That is until, Eze found the camera.

Now being sued, Brooklyn College is facing charges of false imprisonment among other things for the controversial 2008 episode. 

School psychologist Sally Robles is reportedly responsible for the incident, having asked Eze if she “heard voices” when she listened to the complaint. 

The doctor immediately called an ambulance that forced her into a two week psyche stay at Kings County Psychiatric Hospital, rather than investigating.

To make matters worse, Eze was made to miss her final exams and was therefore “terminated” by the school.

She also claims the stay made her “physically and emotionally ill and subject to great humiliation.”

Unfortunately, Eze has no proof in her complaint that the camera did indeed exist. 

Her attorney, Andrew Spinnel says, “I’ve never seen it. She said it was hidden in a vent, and she moved out right away. But the issue isn’t whether there was a camera – the issue is this timid, foreign student here in America all by herself went to Brooklyn College for help, and instead of helping her, they grill her and think she’s a wacko.”

Eze settled the medical malpractice suit against the City of New York in what Spinnell says is within “six figures.”

You can read her complaint here.

(Via Gawker)