Callous TSA refuses to back down over airport screenings

It seems as if the callous Transportation Security Administration (TSA) could care less about your concerns over intrusive “security” screenings at US airports. 

Indeed, TSA administrator John Pistole told CNN that everyone boarding a flight must be willing to subject themselves to some form of [arbitrary] inspection. 

“Obviously, everybody has their own perspective about their personal screening, the question is, how do we best address those issues – while providing the best possible security?

“[Yes, we are] trying to be sensitive to individuals issues and concerns. [Still], the bottom line is, everybody who gets on that flight has been properly screened.”

However, software engineer John Tyner – who famously refused an X-ray scan at San Diego airport – says he draws a line in the sand when it comes to full body screening. 

“[You know], I [just] don’t think that the government has any business seeing me naked as a condition of traveling about the country.”

As expected, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano remains utterly unsympathetic to those who oppose intrusive and disorienting full-body imaging scanners.

“If you refuse the [Advanced Imaging Technology] altogether, then you can go to a separate area for a same-gender pat down.

“[And] If there are adjustments we need to make as we move forward, we have an open ear…We will listen.”

Ah, yes. A choice between the utterly unappetizing and the absolutely disgusting.

Tell me, which would you choose?