Blog platform shut down over ‘al-Qaeda links’

Thousands of innocent bloggers have had their sites shut down because they shared a platform with organizations promoting terrorism.

Web hosting company BurstNet says it shut down WordPress-based Blogetry – which hosted over 70,000 blogs – after a request from the FBI.

“It was revealed that a link to terrorist material, including bomb-making instructions and an al-Qaeda ‘hit list’, had been posted to the site,”  the company said in a statement.

“Upon review, BurstNet determined that the posted material, in addition to potentially inciting dangerous activities, specifically violated the BurstNet Acceptable Use Policy.”

The policy prohibits the posting of terrorist propaganda, racist material or instructions for making bombs or weapons. “Due to this violation and the fact that the site had a history of previous abuse, BurstNet elected to immediately disable the system,” says BurstNet.

On the website, there’s simply a message reading: “After being BurstNet customer for 7 months our server was terminated without any notification or explanation. We’re trying to resolve the situation.”

One suggestion from CNET is that one of the offending blogs was linked to Inspire – the website recently launched to promote al-Qaeda.

While the first issue did indeed carry an article ‘Make a bomb in the kitchen of your Mom’, the launch was marred by viruses and little of the material actually appeared.