Bill Gates no longer world’s richest man

Bill Gates is emptying out his piggybank in a futile search for just a few pennies more after the news that he’s no longer the richest man in the world.

Bet he regrets giving all that money to charity now.

He’s been beaten by Mexican telecoms magnate Carlos Slim – only the second time in fifteen years that he’s failed to win the top spot. His old mate Warren Buffett comes in third.

According to Forbes magazine,  Bill is now worth a measly $53 billion – half a billion less than Slim.

Slim got his big break back in the 1990s when he bought Mexico’s national telephone company on the cheap. Since then he’s diversified into construction, hotels, tobacco – you name it.

There’s quite a number of people with a tech connection on the list, making the rest of us wonder just exactly where we went wrong.

Indian Mukesh Ambani comes in at number four: he doesn’t really have much to do with the tech world after divvying up the family businesses with his much-hated brother Anil; still, he must be gloating now.

Oracle’s Larry Ellison is at number six, Michael Bloomberg at 23, and  Google’s Sergey Brin at number 24, in a neat tie with colleague Larry Page.

The youngest of the lot is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who probably represents the best chance for the rest of us to get rich. He’s only 25 – catch him on a Saturday morning and you’ve got a fair chance, we’d say, of mugging him and scooping his pocket money.