Big Brother slumbers in the land of the fee

Before Rupert Murdoch and News International slap a fee on the content they’re producing, have a look at a column written in yesterday’s Times and ponder on the stupidity of men and mice.

Matthew Parris, here, writes about how the Metropolitan Police is cracking down on people taking photographs of London landmarks such as Trafalgar Square and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Parris himself was moved on from Trafalgar Square under the provisions of section 44 of the UK Terrorism Act because he was speaking into a Dictaphone.

As he rightly points out, he’s scared, not because Big Brother is watching, but “because Big Brother is a noodle”.

He points out that no-one at the Met seems to have heard of Google Streetview. Just how did a democracy turn into a police state without anyone noticing or even very much caring?