AT&T apologizes for "cease and desist" threat

A red-faced AT&T has been forced to apologize for threatening an irate customer with an official “cease and desist” order.

As TG Daily previously reported, Giorgio Galante recently sent two e-mails to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson complaining about the company’s new smartphone plan.

“To my surprise, I received [a] voicemail from AT&T’s executive response staff. The gist is: Thanks for the feedback, and if you bother our CEO again, we’re going to send you a cease and desist letter,” explained Galante.

Predictably, AT&T’s utterly inappropriate response to Galante’s inquiry set off a firestorm of criticism across the ‘Net that prompted an official apology from the telecom giant.

“I just spoke with Lori (she’s a Sr. VP) – she sincerely apologized for what happened and offered to do anything she could to keep me as a customer,” Galante wrote on his blog.

“She spent the time to understand my gripes with the eligibility date, plan changes, etc. Ultimately Lori took responsibility for the issue and is working to make sure this doesn’t happen again…I accepted her apology.”

However, Galante noted that AT&T was ultimately “forced” to apologize by all the media attention.

“[So], I really wish that [AT&T CEO Randall] Stephenson would have made the phone call. In my mind it reflects on how insulated he is from his customers. First, he delegates all of his emails to an executive relations team, then when they fail him, he delegates to his Sr. VP.”