Are Charlie Sheen’s TwitPics worth $1600?

Charlie Sheen is officially on Twitter mostly because he is “tired of pretending [he’s] not a bit**ing rockstar from Mars.” Me too Sheen, me too.

Since capturing the spotlight, Sheen has become somewhat of a media darling train wreck, capturing headlines left and right. Hell, Sheen is so hot, the rerun ratings of Two and a Half Men have gone way up and TV channels lucky enough to snag an interview with the man score sky high ratings.

Within 24 hours of joining the social networking site, Sheen had sent out a few tweets as a few TwitPics only to break records by capturing over 1 million followers.

But is the man truly an influencer? How much are each of his tweets worth, really? And does Sheen have the same influential power on Twitter?

Even though he’s a total noob, the analytical magic eight ball says yes.

Aside from sheer number of followers, Sheen’s very first TwitPic of himself, his pornstar roommate, and a bottle of chocolate milk racked up over 1.2 million views in less than 24 hours.

Seriously, chocolate milk!

That one photo outdid TwitPic’s most recognizable photo of the US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudon River, which received around 650,000 views since January 2009.

Considering that TwitPic makes the majority of its money through advertising and traffic, the site has a lot to gain from the number of people Sheen is sending its way. 

According to the publishing network Federated Media, TwitPic’s CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) is valued at around $5.10 and $5.95 with additional income (approximately $.26 per ad) from filler ads coming from Google AdWords. Another analytics website,, values TwitPic at around $3.33 CPM.

Let’s go with the low end of the spectrum and say TwitPic makes a minimum of $3 per thousand page views. Sheen has posted six photos with around 3.2 million page views total… That’s around $10,000 total, or $1600 per picture.


Let’s hope for TwitPic’s sake Sheen doesn’t take his “tiger blood” photos to another photo sharing site like

Because TwitPic sure is WINNING.   

(Via Forbes