Apple trademarks Beatles logo

Apple’s aiming to clear up loose ends by applying for a European trademark on the famous Granny Smith logo which appeared on Beatles records.

It’s filed applications with the European Trademarks Office, covering a wide range of areas, from computer hardware and advertising to musical instruments and clothing. The applications, unearthed by Patently Apple, cover the famous logos seen on Beatles albums and showing both a whole apple and one cut in half.

The move comes four years after the companies finally reached agreement on the iconic trademark. Apple Inc walked away the winner, but licensed certain elements of the trademarks back to Apple Corp.

The dispute had arisen as the original deal between the companies had seen Apple Inc agreeing not to enter the music business. Apple Corp sued when Apple Inc launched the iTunes Music Store, initially under the name Apple Music Store.

But, last December, the two sides finally forgave each other enough to strike a deal over the Beatles catalog, which finally became available on iTunes.