Apple goes completely nuts, switches Macs to Windows

Cupertino (CA) – Starting next week, every new Mac sold will come preloaded
with a copy of Windows Vista Premium, the result of a new direct
licensing agreement between two fierce rivals. OS X Leopard will be
still offered, albeit as a paid upgrade.

Some analysts and investors
are worried that Apple’s switch to Windows signals the end of Jobs’ era
and others suspect the CEO himself, who is on a medical leave, plotted
this Windows switch as a way of ensuring the long-term success of the Mac
platform once he steps down. Needless to say, the loyal Mac base is
enraged. Fumed users are accusing the Mac maker of
betrayal, warning that favoring Vista at the expense of the company’s
own operating system will take away Mac’s shine and appeal, reducing
the system to a pretty, but otherwise dull beige box.

and its arch rival Microsoft have reached a game-changing licensing
agreement that will see the Cupertino-based consumer electronics giant preload
Windows Vista as the default operating system an all Macs, starting
next week. The startling announcement arrives after quiet but
intense negotiations between Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, and Apple’s
operations chief, Timothy Cook. According to early reports, Apple had desired to preload every Mac with a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, though were negotiated into Vista Premium. “We are super excited to empower Mac users with Windows Vista Premium, nearly the most feature-complete Windows version ever,” Cook said in a statement. “We thank our friends at Microsoft for their continuing commitment to the Mac platform. Preloading Windows on every new Mac sold removes the fear of switching. It’s our insurance policy – whether you need it or not,” he said.

switch to Windows will not hike Mac prices up. The company said all new
Macs will boot Windows Vista out-of-the-box. OS X Leopard will not be
provided unless customers purchase the $129 operating system separately,
and then install it on their own. Many analysts are shocked by the news. A
high-profile Mac analyst, Gene Munster, is convinced Jobs is losing
control over Apple. “The Mac OS X is heart and soul of the Mac user experience,” Munster said, warning that preloading Vista on Macs at the expense of OS X will impact brand loyalty severely. “Apple is handing over control of the most important aspect of the Mac user experience to its rival,” he said. “Mac users will never forget this.”

Some Apple investors are allegedly prepping a lawsuit and will
demand that most of Apple’s board of directors step down. Some investors
suspect that Timothy Cook, who is currently in charge at Apple while Jobs is on
his medical leave, may have ousted Jobs and seized control of the
company. They remind us
that prior to joining Apple, Cook served as vice president of Corporate
Materials at Compaq. Ex-Apple employees now claim Cook has been pushing
Jobs to license Mac hardware to OEM vendors ever since he was hired. Cook
allegedly thinks this would enable Apple to post double-digit market share
gains. According to these sources, the two executives often fought over
the matter of Mac clones, but the intense meetings always ended with Jobs
threatening to show Cook the door. “There is clearly bad blood between Steve Jobs and Timothy Cook,” Munster warned.

“It’s the saddest day for Mac users in Apple’s entire history,” said Eliza Block, a 31-year old philosophy graduate student at NYU who wrote the popular 2across crosswords iPhone program. “The empire of evil has taken over,”
she said. But there is another facet to this story. Some industry
watchers closely associated with Apple’s plans point their fingers at
Jobs. They claim the CEO himself plotted and personally approved
the Windows switch, and then deliberately stepped out of view allowing Cook to take the fall. One source told TG Daily, “Jobs temporarily appointed Cook to shield himself from public criticism.”

the end of the day, when dust and high tensions cool down, both
Microsoft and Apple will profit from the move. Microsoft has its new
business with Apple that will boost Vista’s licensed sales. Apple will also
profit from forcing new Mac buyers into the $129 OS X Leopard purchase, since the operating system will no longer come preloaded on every new
Mac free of charge. End users get piece of mind by having the best of
both worlds.

What do you think? Will you run Vista on
your new Mac? Or would you rather capitulate and be taxed an additional $129
to get OS X Leopard with your new Mac? Is Apple’s Windows switch spelling doom for the platform, or is this a long overdue first step
in the right direction? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

UPDATED:  April 2, 2009 – 12:01am CDTNow that April Fool’s Day is over, the managing editor of TG Daily would like our readers to know that this article was published in that vein, and does not represent real news. It is humor, compliments of our writers.