Apple dominates tech news (now, there’s a surprise)

You might, just possibly, have noticed this for yourself – but according to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, Apple gets more media coverage in the US than any other tech company.

The research outfit examined 437 technology-related stories appearing in the lead sections of 52 different mainsteam news outlets. 

They found that the biggest single storyline involved texting while driving, which accounted for nearly one-tenth of all technology stories – more than five times the coverage of either the US plan for broadband access and six times that devoted to the debate over net neutrality, says Pew.

But the next two most widely-covered stories both related to Apple – the launches of the iPhone 4 and iPad.Forty-two percent of these stories, says Pew, described Apple as as ‘innovative and superior’, and another 27 percent praised its loyal fan base. But 17 percent of stories suggested that the company’s products didn’t live up to the hype.


Overall, says Pew, Apple led in terms of media attention, although Google wasn’t far behind. Twitter and Facebook were third and fourth.

But nobody was much interested in Microsoft, it seems, which got a fifth of the coverage of Apple and less than half that of Twitter. 


“The study also identified eight underlying themes about technology evident in the coverage, from its empowering effect on citizens to its destructive effect on our attention spans. Most stories (57 percent) conveyed one theme or other,” says Pew.

“When those themes are taken together, positive themes about technology narrowly outweighed negative (30 percent versus 27 percent). Beyond the top two themes — that technology makes life more productive and that the internet is unsafe — other themes were much less common.”