Apple deploys Loyalty Unit to plug leaks

A former Apple employee known as “Tom” has alleged that Club Cupertino operates a clandestine Worldwide Loyalty Team to track down and prevent corporate leaks.

“Apple has these moles working everywhere, especially in departments where leaks are suspected. Management is not aware of them,” Tom told Gizmodo.

“Once they suspect a leak, the special forces — as we call them — will walk in the office at any hour, especially in the mornings. They will contact whoever was the most senior manager in the building and ask them to coordinate the operation.”

??According to Tom, cellphones are confiscated and checked for any suspicious activity, while employees activate their screensavers to prevent unauthorized chats during the security crackdown.

“It is like a gag order, and if the employee does not want to participate, they are basically asked to leave and never come back,” claimed Tom.

“I was at several events. When they find what they are looking for—which they usually do—the person is asked to stay until the end of the business day. Then he is asked to leave the premises quietly, escorted by security.”

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