Anonymous says it prefers negotiations to DDoS attacks

Cyber activists with links to Anonymous have decided to temporarily switch tactics in an effort to promote negotiations over digital copyright policies.

According to a spokesperson for the collective, Operation: Payback – while somewhat successful – has not yet managed to achieve the desired results.

“[The] operation still has a too low profile. It has been fun DDoSing, but now we need some results,” the spokesperson told Panda Security in an official statement obtained and quoted by the Tech Herald

“Apparently DDoSing and hacking websites alone is not good enough. We could announce actions for the fifth of November, next year. But I doubt those will be taken serious either. [Yes], we started attacking government sites, but those will eventually be ignored as well.”

The spokesperson also noted that Anonymous was submitting a list of “reform proposals” to encourage dialogue, so as long as it remained a “two-way” process.

“So from now on, WE set the scale. We come up with demands, feasible demands, about copyright, censorship and government influences. We present them the choice. 

“And when they decide to ignore us still, we will fuck stuff up. We have been holding back on them too long. But no more of that.

“We switched IRC servers too often. But no more of that. 

They have taken down our websites too many times. But no more of that. If they want to get personal, they can GET it. So stop messing around.”

The full, unedited list of Anonymous proposals can be read here.