Foxconn ‘mulling US factories’

Apple supplier Foxconn is reportedly considering opening factories in the US, opening up the opportunity for Americans to work every waking moment for peanuts, riot, and then hurl themselves from the top of a building.

According to DigiTimes (which isn’t always entirely accurate) the company’s considering Detroit and Los Angeles as possible locations.

It seems labor costs are getting too high in China – these workers will insist on eating – and the massive market in the US makes it worthwhile producing products there.

Foxconn yesterday conceded that it was having trouble supplying demand for the new iPhone 5, putting pressure on the company to expand.

But while, in China, products such as the iPad and iPhone are assembled largely by people, Foxconn’s planning more automated plants in the US. They would probably make flat-screen TV sets, which are easier to assemble using robots.

Chairman Terry Gou reportedly told a meeting of businesspeople on Wednesday that he didn’t think the US could revive its manufacturing industry on its own.

Terribly generously, though, he said he hoped that Americans could learn from Foxconn how factories should be run, and planned to bring a bumch over to China or Taiwan to find out. He added that he was already talking to MIT about an exchange program.

While most of Foxconn’s factories are in China, it already has plants in Brazil, and is planning to open new facilities in Sao Paolo and Indonesia.