Android jobs rocket as iOS jobs stagnate

Android jobs are booming, while the number of Apple iOS vacancies has levelled off, the world’s largest online jobs survey has revealed.

Using data from 230,614 positions posted in Q3, saw 16 percent growth in the number of Android jobs, at 4,795. Meanwhile, the number of iOS jobs rose a comparatively small eight percent to 5,509.

In the previous quarter, the number of Apple jobs shot up by 30 percent. To an extent, this quarter’s comparatively feeble growth came about as developers waited for the release of iOS6 in September. But there’s no doubt that the poor reception for the iPhone 5 had an effect.

“The numbers are a huge setback for Apple, as their rival Android saw a huge increase in jobs in the same period,” says CEO Matt Barrie. “While Apple has faced a tepid response to the Iphone 5, the growth in Android jobs has been spurred on by the rave success of the Samsung Galaxy S III and release of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update in July.”

Meanwhile, he says, the weak iOS6 launch has left room for a Microsoft revival.

“We might see in the next quarter a rise in MS jobs following on from the recent release of its touch-optimised Windows 8,” he says. “The next quarter will be crucial for Microsoft – a strong showing may mean the difference between a stunning revival, or slowly fading away into the annals of history.”

The survey also shows that the interactive web is booming. HTML5 jobs grew 44 percent this quarter, as businesses and entrepreneurs scramble to bridge the gap between their fixed and mobile clients.

The number of jQuery jobs increased by 32 percent and PHP jobs rose by 19 percent to a whopping 35,061 jobs this quarter, as Zend co-founder Andi Gutmans promised increased mobile functionality. CSS and MySQL also saw strong growth, up 19 percent and 18 percent respectively.

One of the biggest rises was in the number of eBay jobs, which grew 41 percent to 1,470 jobs, and the number of Facebook jobs rose by 11 percent to 7,193. This is likely to increase, says, as the company looks to monetize its mobile platform.