Apple loses appeal over Samsung design

Apple’s lost its appeal over a UK ruling that Samsung’s Galaxy tablet doesn’t infringe its registered design for the iPad – a decision that is valid in the whole of Europe.

In July, a High Court judge ruled that there was no infringement, in part because Samsung’s design was ‘not as cool’ as that of the iPad.

Apple promptly appealed, presumably believing that it was.

The decision is likely to be the end of the road for Apple, although it could in theory appeal to the Supreme Court. But it’s the same conclusion that US and Japanese judges reached in August, although the US judge did rule that Samsung was copying Apple’s iPhone designs.

Samsung, naturally has welcomed the judges’ verdict, continuing to reiterate that Apple couldn’t claim to be the first to design a tablet with rectangular shape and rounded corners.

As part of the decision, Apple’s been ordered to run a series of advertisements in British newspapers, stating that Samsung is not infringing on Apple’s design, and therefore hasn’t broken the law. It will also have to display a similar message on its UK website for six months.

The ads have to spell out the fact that the two designs are different – and, to do this, Apple must surely be tempted to quote the judge’s ‘not as cool’ description.