Greenpeace protesters arrested at Apple HQ

Two Greenpeace activists have been arrested after a demonstration outside the company’s Cupertino headquarters.

In a protest over the ‘dirty power’ being used for the company’s iCloud service, protesters locked themselves inside an eight-foot-tall iPod and beamed messages from their supporters onto one of the building’s walls. Other demonstrators, who were not arrested, dressed as giant iPhones.

Blogging from inside the iPod, Greenpeace’s Brandy Palm, said she used her iPad every day.

“I don’t want to stop using those great tools,” she said. “I want Apple to use their influence to power the iCloud I use every day with clean energy, not dirty coal that’s bringing our planet to the brink of disaster.”

The protesters projected pictures and Facebook posts onto the building, as well as messages such as “Surely a visionary company like Apple can see that renewable energy is not only the smart thing to do, it’s the right thing to do. Clean our Cloud!”

In a report released last month, Greenpeace concluded that Apple’s new facility in Maiden, North Carolina, would draw about 100 megawatts of electricity and that 90 percent of its power was generated by coal.

“Over 215,000 people have signed our petition asking Apple to power its iCloud with clean energy,” says Greenpeace. “The writing’s on the wall for Apple: it’s time to clean up the cloud.”

Apple, though, says that total power consumption is only a fifth of this figure, and that 60 percent will eventually be delivered by an on-site solar farm.

And, given that Greenpeace has been protesting about Apple for quite some time, Apple can’t be too worried. The bad publicity hasn’t put activists such as Brandy Palm off buying an iPad, after all.