Which data center network to choose? Sponsored by Juniper

The world of work is changing. Web-based businesses are looking for ways to serve more customers. Enterprises whose employees travel are looking for ways to allow for more mobile access. And everyone, it seems, has an eye on the cloud.

Which data center network to choose?

First, consider this: as your business grows, so will its needs. You don’t want to pay for more hosting than you need right now, but you’ll want to choose a network solution that leaves room for your business to grow. Your best bet here is a cloud-ready data center network solution that can scale to meet exponential demand without increasing your costs in the short term.

Another important consideration is security. If your employees need access your network via mobile devices, maintaining security can easily become a nightmare, especially if a mobile device programmed to access your secure network becomes lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised. Choose a data center network that can ensure management and security of all connected mobile devices.

Simplicity is also an issue, as many networks require an amalgam of different boxes and software patches to accomplish different tasks. A fabric-style network solution can slash the number of physical devices you have to manage, while coordinating those remaining devices to act like one scalable switch.

Of course, the old considerations – reliability, as well as the right applications – are just as important as ever. But in the brave new world of work, it pays to focus on the simplest, most integrated and scalable solution.