5 Types of Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you find yourself in the need of a criminal defense lawyer, you might find yourself very confused, very quickly. The criminal defense system is super complicated and there are so many different types of lawyers to choose from. Sometimes it might seem like this is too much to handle.

However, this article is going to help you identify and learn about five different types of criminal defense lawyers. If you’re looking for criminal defense lawyers, be sure that you’re aware of what your options are.

1. Panel Attorneys

Depending on the jurisdiction you live in, this option for an attorney might or might not be available. Basically, panel attorneys are lawyers that are paid by the government to supplement public defenders. They will receive hourly compensation for their time and are not seen as a replacement for public defenders, but as an additional service.

Again, this one is completely dependent on where you live, so be sure to check out if panel attorneys are allowed in your jurisdiction.

2. District Attorneys

Of course, one of the government’s main responsibilities is to prosecute those people who have committed a crime or who are accused of committing a crime. In a majority of jurisdictions around the country, the local district attorney is the one who handles the process. When necessary, the district attorney for a jurisdiction will have assistant attorneys who will help with the prosecution.

These guys and girls are basically the front lines when it comes to governmental prosecution of criminal activity.

3. Public Defenders

Most jurisdictions around the country have a public defender system, but the quality of it depends on the jurisdiction. Most of these public defenders are paid by the state and are given a high caseload to deal with. Usually, public defenders are reserved for those clients who cannot afford lawyers themselves and need to be represented in the court of law.

Again, the quality of these public defenders will vary from state to state. But generally, they are of lower quality than private lawyers since they have so much work on their plate at a time.

4. Private Lawyers

Next up, we have private lawyers. Unlike with public defenders, private lawyers are paid for their services by their clients. Because of this, they are going to be of much higher quality than those lawyers provided by the government. They are also much more personal with the client than with other attorneys because they take the time to personally get to know the case in front of them. Private lawyers can be of many types like personal injury lawyers, any Toronto Immigration Lawyer.

Private lawyers will also generally have many assistants in their firm that help with cases. However, this is completely dependent on the quality of the firm and how much clients are willing to pay for their services. A higher quality private lawyer is going to cost a lot more than a lower quality one.

5. United States Attorneys

For crimes that are brought before federal district courts, there are federal attorneys that assist with these prosecutions. The highest legal officer in the United States is the Attorney General, who is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. These people are the front-line soldiers in cases dealing with criminals who have broken federal law. Each federal district will have one US attorney who is responsible for these cases. These attorneys are also appointed by the President.

And there you have it! You are now educated on five of the most common types of criminal defense lawyers in the United States. Make sure that you keep this list in mind when you’re determining which kind of defense you need in a criminal defense case.