46% of consumers want an iPhone, only 32% for Android

According to a recent ChangeWave survey, up to 46% of consumers planning to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days say they’ll choose an Apple iPhone. 

The poll surveyed 4,163 consumers, 89% of which were located within the U.S.

While 46% of consumers have their sights set on the iPhone, the second most sought after devices run on Google’s Android OS, capturing a 32% buying preference market share.

Currently, only 4% of buyers want a (RIM) BlackBerry.

The survey also reports that services like Apple’s iCloud will increase the likelihood of consumers purchasing additional Apple products. To be sure, 29% of current Apple product owners and 13% of non-Apple product owners said the iCloud will make them “more likely” to purchase Apple products in the future.

“This initial look at the impact of Apple’s new iCloud service shows it enhancing customer loyalty,” the report said. “But the survey also provides highly encouraging signs that iCloud will generate additional customer demand for other Apple products, not only from current Apple product owners but from a substantial number of non-owners as well.”

Beyond future buying predictions, 70% of iOS users said they were “very satisfied” with their iPhone, compared to just 50% of Android users. Window Phone 7 ratings are on the up-and-up with 57% of users “very satisfied” with the rapidly evolving OS.

As a converted Android to Apple user, I personally agree with the “very satisfied” iOS rating. The iPhone just works.

When I had an Android phone, I not only experienced frequent technical problems, but also lacked access to apps and other cool features that make the iPhone, well, the iPhone.

It is therefore no wonder that (at least) 46% of consumers want it.

The features, plus fabulous marketing, make the iOS-powered iPhone beyond desirable compared to the competition.