4 Reasons You Should Tell All to Your Legal Counsel

Being arrested for a serious offense can make it hard to think. This is especially true if you had no idea the arrest was pending. As confusing as this time can be, it’s important that you be as forthcoming with your legal counsel as possible. Here are some of the primary reasons to tell everything you can think of to your lawyer and be ready to provide more information if the counsel has additional questions.

Deciding What’s Relevant

Some people choose to hold back certain information because they don’t perceive it as having anything to do with the alleged offense. The thing to remember is that you don’t have the background to make that sort of judgment call. By contrast, your legal counsel is in a position to evaluate all the information you provide and determine if it is relevant.

Consider what could happen if you are arrested for drinking and driving and don’t mention something that was said or done by the officers at the time you were pulled over, or something that took place before your legal counsel arrived at the police station. Do you know for sure if the officer did everything in compliance with current legal requirements? You can bet that your lawyer will know and can utilize that information if your rights were not observed.

Arranging for More Investigation if Necessary

Not all situations are as straightforward as they may appear at first glance. When you choose to tell your lawyer everything that you possibly can, there may be some minor detail that catches his or her attention. That one detail could motivate the legal counsel to arrange for a more thorough investigation. Depending on what additional information is revealed from that effort, the direction of your case could change significantly.

More Information to Use for Planning the Defense

The goal of your legal counsel is to ensure you are defended using every legal means. In order to do that, more information is always helpful. Something that seems to have no direct bearing could be the key to mounting an effective defense that paves the way for a more favorable outcome. When you choose to share everything that comes to mind, you are arming your legal counsel with more resources to plead your case.

Avoiding Unpleasant Surprises

No lawyer likes to prepare what seems to be a solid defense and have it undermined by information that the client chose to withhold. This is unfortunate enough with misdemeanors, but it can be devastating when issues like accusations of sexual assaults are involved. Telling your lawyer everything, including details that may not put you in the best light, makes it easier to be prepared for whatever the prosecution presents in court and increases the odds of diffusing the impact.

The bottom line is that your lawyer should know everything about the situation at hand. Even if you don’t think a detail is important, share it anyway. Remember that whatever you tell your legal counsel is held in confidence and is only used if it is relevant to the case. Tell all and the chances for the best possible outcome are increased.