How To Get More Smartphone Sales In Your Store

Being an independent retailer is always a challenge. Without a big brand name behind you, it can be harder to get customers in the door. In many ways, however, small stores have a benefit in the marketplace.

They have more independence in how they work with customers, they can offer benefits without checking with corporate, and they can orchestrate special events that their customers will respond to. You have the chance to create a niche market that will create close ties with your customers and your community. These strategies will help you get more smartphone sales in your store.

Build Relationships

At big box stores, customers often feel like they’re just numbers. Stores are under a lot of pressure to get people in and out of the doors as quickly as possible so that they can turn enough profit per hour to fit into a particular metric decided by someone who almost never works in the store itself. At an independent store, you have the chance to create a closer relationship with your customers, and you need to use that opportunity.

When a customer comes in, don’t rush them. Talk to them about what they’re looking for, and give them a chance to really talk about what they’re most interested in. Are they primarily concerned with creating high quality videos, taking great pictures, or having incredible battery life so they can play their favorite game for hours? By taking time to talk to them and understand their needs, you can offer more customized service. This helps customers feel appreciated and makes it more likely that they’ll return to your store for service, a replacement phone, or a new phone for a friend or family member.

Offer Unique Benefits

Many corporate stores are tied in to what their headquarters says that they can offer. As a smaller store, you have the option to explore what benefits will mean the most to your customers. Are they concerned about phone insurance, or being able to drop in with quick questions that don’t deserve an entire service call? Every group of customers will have a different set of priorities. By asking your customers what you want and giving them what they need you will increase your sales.

Create Streamlined Marketing

Big companies can spend a huge amount of money on marketing. Smaller stores don’t have that luxury, which means that you need to be smart and targeted about how you market your smartphones. Consider who currently shops with you and make sure to focus on turning those customers into returning, loyal customers. You can also target what makes your company stand out from other retailers – what benefits you can offer, before, during, and after a sale.

Special Events and Giveaways

One great feature of being an independent retailer is that you can create special events and organize special giveaways for your customers without being beholden to what corporate expects of you. Pairing special events and giveaways with events in the local community can be a great way to connect with customers. For example, if there’s a big charity event in your area, see if you can give away raffle tickets in exchange for volunteering at the event. Organize events in your store to line up with big holidays. Run a special sale because you want to drive traffic into the store.

As an independent store, you can, for example, giveaway free accessories to smartphones, offer special deals and discounts, and generally customize your offerings more than a corporate store can.

Educational Resources

One of the biggest frustrations of smartphone owners – especially older owners – is struggling to understand how to use their phones. Every generation offers different tips and tricks, and while millennials (and remember, the oldest millennials are now approaching 40) tend to have a much easier time operating their phones, their parents and grandparents may struggle to figure out how to text or even make a call.

Offering classes on how to use a phone can be a gamechanger when it comes to moving smartphones within your store. It can also be different between a customer choosing a smartphone and avoiding a “dumb phone” just due to familiarity.

Most people these days want to use a smartphone, especially if they have younger family members. It’s the easiest way to get and take pictures, to have music moving with you wherever you go, and GPS is practically necessary whether you’re traveling to a new store on the other side of town or to an entirely different city.

But it’s easy to get frustrated with a phone when you don’t know how to make it work.

When you’re running an independent store, it’s easy to think of yourself as competing with the big stores and corporate companies. And if you think of companies that have millions to spend on marketing, you’re going to struggle to find the right way to manage your store. But if you use your size to your advantage, instead of considering it a limitation, you can create a truly exceptional store that does a great business in smartphones.