Boosting Productivity at Work with Sit-Stand Desk

There have been lots of studies on our sitting habit at home and office. If you are a office worker, then it will be general that you sit on a chair and work all day long. But is it right? Lots of studies and experience show that sitting more and more drains your life span. More you sit, less you live. If we calculate 8 hours workday and 8 hours of sleep, then you spent 75% of your whole day motionless. Besides According to a new study by Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center School of Public Health, standing works let employees concentrate more and give extended productivity. They proved that standing workers delivered more productivity than their sitting colleagues. In first month they got 23% extra production. In 6 months they added 63% extra productivity. So, standing will give you extra money. But for that you need a standing desk. But it is also true that you can not stand all day long. Now, you can not buy two tables for each. So, add a sit-stand desk that is height adjustable and worker friendly. This will save your money as well as office space.

The new research report made by Edinburgh University shows that some office workers are spending more time sitting down than pensioners. Sitting down is alike being idle. You only use eyes, brain and a little part of your arm. That is all. So, it lessens your physical ability to a great instinct. Productivity is a hard thing to rate in any work, let alone to define for an academic student. So productivity is defined by an employer as the number of successful tasks in a work day. And it can be achieved by keeping the employees active. The researchers also includes workers’ body temperature along with their heart rate, muscle movement and calorie burns. Analyzing this data they gave a report on standing desk that proves the necessity of standing desks, in boosting productivity.

Besides , standing lets you focus on your work. Sitting on a comfortable chair, working all day long will be easy. But it does not let you focus properly. Because you may feel sleepy or think about something else. But while standing you have to stand on your feet. So you are working unintentionally.This enables your brain to focus on the specific work. Thus you get better work performance, more productivity. However, usage of standing desk is commonly increasing as workers and companies are becoming aware of its benefits. Moreover, people working with standing desks deliver about 14% extra and about 1.6 hours of more work than the seated ones. Prolonged sitting has enabled workers to face chronic problems. Back pain, muscle dragging and weak eyesight. They also lose their physical ability for manual labour. As a result they become dull day by day. It also threatens productivity. Whereas, standing gives more energy to the workers.

But all of these can be fixed with a single sit-stand desk for business. Because you have to work standing. But when you will feel tired, you can sit with a stool or chair, adjusting the desk height and relax. These give employees a chance to work and relax at the same time. Relaxation is also necessary for higher productivity. This will also influence workers to work more.More significant change in productivity will be, the change in outlook. Researchers have noticed vast difference in workers’ comfort, attitude about their work and their feelings about themselves and others. So, it clearly upholds that sit-stand desk users are more productive than the seated ones.

Another research shows that, it is not regular work or your happiness with the work day that increases productivity. Rather it is active work day that can increase the productivity dramatically. So, you have to stay active all the work period. And sit-stand desk will help you to stay active. On the other hand sitting during work period is just like mind’s quick sand. You will be drawn into lots of things that will reduce your activity.

So, finally we can state that it is necessary to have a sit-stand desk to increase productivity. It allows workers to be attentive, focused and active. For more information click here.