7 Smart Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

If you are a person with some plans beyond your financial power, you know how useful your credit score is. Now is the time to boost your credit score. The best thing about a good credit score is that it guarantees you a bright financial future. To ensure you don’t have a bad credit score which might turn out to be stressful and costly, you can boost your credit score in a couple of ways. We are about to explore the seven smart ways to boost your credit score.

1. Report a Lost Card

One of the fastest ways to lift your credit score is reporting that your credit card is missing though it should be the last resort. I bet they aren’t going to help you find the card, unfortunately.

The best they can do is close the card’s account and open a new one. However, that will shift your card history to the new account. Then, your future credit report will indicate two positive credit lines. What will you call that if it’s not a landslide win?

2. Start with Delinquent Ones When Paying Debts

When paying debts, start with the oldest ones, and the ones declared delinquent. And be the kind of person who takes care of their debts. The old method of calculating FICO scores used all delinquent debts to count against you.

The newest versions of FICO calculation and VantageScore will help raise your credit score when you settle all the debts. Just make sure that delinquent ones are taken care of.

3. Create a Plan to Improve the Credit Score

Your credit report could be accurate, and you know too well where you messed up. Well, you can improve. Create an action plan and wait to see how it impacts your credit score after some time.

Also, start paying your debts instead of moving them around, keep your credit card balances low, and avoid closing any unused credit thinking that you are looking for a quick solution to improve your credit scores.

4. Increase Your Income in Any Way Possible

Many people with a bad credit score made mistakes and were not able to correct them. If your job is paying close to peanuts, then ask for salary raise, or get a better job. You can turn around the table of bad credit score by buying seasoned authorized user tradelines.

You can also start a small business, rent your spare room, sell items online, or get a part-time job.

5. Dispute Any Credit Report Error You Get

Among the rights you have, having an accurate credit report is one of them. Therefore, you can dispute all credit report errors by emailing the creditor or the credit bureau that listed the credited account.

Some of those errors could be associated with your tradelines and can hurt your credit score.

6. Pay for Deletion

Never allow your account to be forwarded to a collection agency. It could begin your financial disaster. It’s never too late to negotiate with them and clear the debts from your credit reports.

Don’t forget to request a contract which promises that you won’t be reported to the credit bureaus. Though, you might have to make a bigger payment, and even though it’s not a sure bet the collection agency will agree, but it could be helpful.

7. Leave All Your Accounts Open

Almost everyone thinks that it’s not worth leaving their credit accounts open if they are already delinquent. Don’t waste a minute doing that because you will lose your time and credit score.

Leaving your accounts open boosts your credit score especially if you are receiving monthly payments.


A bad credit score can make it hard for you to secure a job, acquire a mortgage, get car loans and mess things up for you. Strive towards improving your credit score so that you enjoy better financial freedom.