Blind hacker gets 135 months in clink

A young man who made threats against a Verizon security officer and tried to hack the US Attorney’s voice mail system in Dallas was sentenced to 135 months in court last week.

Matthew Weigman – nicknamed the “Little Hacker” – pleaded guilty to one offence of conspiracy to commit access device fraud and unauthorized access of a protected computer.

Weigman will serve his 135 months in a federal prison.

According to the Dallas Observer, a co-conspirator, Sean Benton, will get 18 months in jail for his offense. Another conspirator failed to attend court on Friday.

Weigman obtained personal identifying information and “phreaked” into the phone system with the aim of targeting people they didn’t like. The party line they formed gradually became the equivalent of a social network.

Weigman and his confederates wanted to retaliate against a Verizon employee and used the “swatting” and phreaking expertise they had to call the company and attempt to get the telecomms investigator fired.

The most heinous example of harrassment came when a spoof call to the police said the investigator had killed members of his family, had hostages, was on drugs and armed with an AK47.

There’s more details at the Dallas Observer, here.