Bill Gates might have bought Buffalo Bill’s ranch

Yeeh ha! The richest dude in the world appears to have bought a 492 acre ranch which includes Buffalo Bill’s hunting cabin.

That’s according to Cody Enterprise, which shows that a deed for the property was filed to Mt Baker Holdings in Washington State.

But hang on – the deed is filed to one Jerry St Dennis who certainly has managed plenty of investments for Sir Bill Gates – he is a knight you know as well as a ranch dude – the Queen dubbed him some years back.

The ranch is called the Irma Ranch, and is named after Buffalo Bill’s youngest daughter.

Perhaps Sir Bill will get some horses on the go down there, like his compadre, Intel’s Craig Barrett, who owns a dude ranch and once had a horse called the Pentium. Famously, Kicking Pat Gelsinger also of the Intel yard, once described the Pentium as the Pentium Princess.

Dr Barrett was quick to point out that his hoss Pentium was a gelding, and that kind of precluded the Princess tag.

There’s more here and pictures of the property here.