Best Electricity Companies Around the World

Electricity plays one of the most important roles in our lives. From powering small mobile phones to the biggest corporations, it has become an inherent part of our lives. There are utility companies that play an imperative role in supplying the power from the source to house all across the grid.

Such utility companies have established massive infrastructures that distribute electricity to millions of people on regular basis. some of them are discussed below but there there are smaller, local companies like Swalec that offer a more personalized customer service and are easier to access, you can get SSE Swalec contact numbers easily from the internet.

Duke Energy

Located in North Carolina, it is one of the best companies that is not only present in the USA but all across the globe. It provides electricity access to over 7 million retail electric customers. It has a massive capacity that serves millions and millions of individuals. The electricity is derived from sources such as natural gas, coal and oil. The company is reported to have revenue of over $22 billion in the previous year only.


This company was previously termed as GDF Suez, which is a France-based company. It has founded it operations in electricity production and distribution using sources such as natural gas and nuclear energy. It is also reliant on renewable energy resources. Currently, there are over 150,000 employees all across the globe with annual revenue over $66 billion. It has decided not to invest anymore in coal plants in an attempt to promote a greener and a more sustainable world.

National Grid

This is a British multinational company which provides electricity as well as gas. It has created an organized transmission network all across the British. Furthermore, it even operates effectively in the USA with over 14,000 km of electricity transmission lines. According to some reports, it tends to serve over 3 million customers in the USA only.


This company is entirely owned by the French state. The operations are related to power production, distribution, transmission, trading and energy supplies. It handles over 5-7 million customers in UK only. It has been focused primarily on creation of energy through renewable resources. The business in France and Europe was consolidated by this company to enhance the presence in countries like China, Brazil and Russia. This company is even responsible for handling three of the best nuclear power plants in the world. This makes it one of the best utility companies in the world.

Next Era

This is primarily an investment company which has its operations in Canada and USA. It mainly focuses on electricity production, transmission and distribution. It has a capacity of an approximate of 45,900 MW. There are various subsidiaries that aim to promote the usage of renewable energy. It even attempted to buy the Hawaiian Electric Industries few years back. Given the number of employees, annual revenue and the incredible size of infrastructure, it makes to the top 5 list of best electricity companies.