Best Buy offering its own broadband service

Hey America! Now you can get your Internet service from the same place that overcharges you for all your other consumer electronic purchases.

A new service was discovered by Engadget, called Best Buy Connect. The retail giant has not made any announcements regarding the service but all the relevant information is available on its Web site.

The service gives users access to mobile 3G data in plan sizes of 250 MB, 500 MB, or 5 GB. The prices are in line with other 3G data packages.

It costs around $30 for a monthly allotment of 250 MB, $40 for 500 MB, and $60 for 5 GB. Customers can sign up for a 1-year or 2-year contract, or no contract at all.

Curiously, the prices are no different for customers who opt in for a contract than it is for the pay-as-you-go option. The only difference is there’s an early termination fee with the contract packages. It seems really dumb to provide no incentive, and in fact to offer only a penalty, for users who want to sign into an extended agreement.

Regardless, for those who want an extra Internet connection on the go, it makes sense.