Benefits of Crowdfunding Project on InDemand

Many people have potential project ideas in their mind, but very few are actually able to bring it to the market in the form of a product. The biggest reason behind this trouble is the lack of financial support. Indiegogo took an initiative to support potential entrepreneurs so that they can give shape to their dreams with the help of Crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a process of raising funds for the latest venture through the targeted market or gathering valuable feedback from backers and customers. This concept is being already used by several entrepreneurs, filmmakers and designers and they have obtained huge success.

How InDemand crowdfunding campaigns work?

Potential ideas just require some resources to show their influence in the market. But before crowdfunding, the new entrepreneurs were suffering lots of trouble for funding. They had to apply for business loans, borrow money from friends and relatives or search for potential grants to gain essential financial support. Crowdfunding, on the other hand, helps entrepreneurs to raise funds and community support overnight. You simply need to work with InDemand campaigns on Indiegogo platform, and it will help you to achieve your fundraising goal. All that you need to do is:

· Once you are ready with the potential idea, go to Indiegogo platform and simply check the “Opt-in to InDemand” box in the campaign editor window.

· As soon as your campaign becomes live on the network, follow essential campaign management tips that can help you reach your goal.

· The time when your crowdfunding campaigns come to an end, you can move to InDemand automatically. Optimize the page and continue raising funds without any deadline or specific fundraising goal.

Benefits of Crowdfunding InDemand projects:

Give life to your idea:

Crowdfunding campaigns can help you to raise secure source of funding without making efforts business loans and grants. It is the best way to engage the potential community with your unique idea and launch it to the market without any trouble.

Analyse potential:

Most successful marketing professionals take help from Indiegogo for market validation. This crowdfunding platform helps them to identify the actual potential of the idea and can estimate the size of the audience interested in their idea. It is the simplest yet most powerful tool to scale the idea in the entrepreneurial world.

Collect feedbacks:

Crowdfunding can also help business owners to collect essential feedbacks and valuable opinions from the market. This used data helps them to refine ideas and develop best marketing strategies to satisfy the needs of the targeted audience.

Spread awareness:

The great news for new business owners is that crowdfunding campaigns also help to build a potential fan base around the world. It is a thoughtful marketing tool that gets boost engagement with potential customers and spread your idea like a wildfire.

Meet LeveTop Drone: Potential crowdfunding project

One of the most popular products that was recently completed with the support of crowdfunding campaign is LeveTop Drone. The enthusiasts who developed the idea of this feature-rich drone were able to raise around $150,000 only within 2 weeks of the campaign.

Here are few incredible features of LeveTop Drone:

· It is equipped with a CMOS technology based digital camera that can capture crisp and hands-free footage at 1080p resolution level.

· Intelligent flight system supported by precision positioning technology that ensures 20 minutes in the air.

· Foldable drone with the portable design having four arms and propellers that can be easily packed in dedicated carry case.

· Best drone with built-in Wi-Fi transferring that allows easy control on movements via Android and iOS devices.

· The lightweight quadcopter offers 100-meter flying range with 33 mph Max speed.