Authorized Steve Jobs biography to be released next year

The first official biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs is set to come out in early 2012.

Details about the book are still few and far between, although we know it’s being written by Walter Isaacson and will carry the title “iSteve.”

Subtitled “The Book of Jobs,” this is the first, and likely to be the only, time Jobs has authorized a biographer to write a book about him. There have been other books about his life but he has sanctioned none of them.

Even though Jobs remains shrouded in mystery, his meteoric rise has been well documented and facets of his personal life have managed to surface as well. It’s not like this biography will open up some amazing secret life no one knew about.

Nevertheless, there are bound to be details about him, including what his largely undocumented childhood was like, and anything else swimming around his head that he hasn’t told anybody else, that will only be revealed when iSteve is released.

The book is set to be published by Simon & Schuster and will no doubt hit all the major book retailers. We would absolutely expect it to be available as a digital download for the iPad, and in physical form at every Apple Store.

With Jobs’s health taking a turn for the worse this year, the biggest question that remains is whether or not he will be here for the book’s unveiling. Either way, it is nice to know there will be a full recount of the amazing life he has led.