Apple threatens store for selling Galaxy Tab

On the heels of winning its patent case against the Galaxy Tab in Australia, Apple is now going after local retailers who still want to sell the Samsung device.

Specifically, Apple has threatened to file a lawsuit against Australian retailer Kogan because it is willing to sell the Galaxy Tab to consumers.

The iPad maker was successful in effectively blocking Samsung from officially launching its tablet in the country, claiming the Galaxy Tab was a blatant rip-off of the iPad and could lead to consumer confusion.

Apple has filed similar suits all around the world but has only had limited success. Australia was one such success. Germany was another.

That’s not enough for Apple, though. It simply does not want anyone to have access to a Galaxy Tab. So Kogan complied and has stopped selling the Samsung device. But the retailer is not happy about it.

“There is a fine line between legitimately enforcing your intellectual property on the one hand, and just trying to stifle competition on the other – in our view Apple is very precariously walking that line,” said Kogan executive director David Shafer, as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Company CEO Ruslan Kogan realized how difficult it would be to go up against a company like Apple. “Pointless litigation is not our specialty,” he said.

This is only part of what has become a humongous legal war between Samsung and Apple. Not willing to sit idly by, Samsung is also taking patent infringement action against Apple for several of its mobile technologies.