Apple sued over touchscreen rights

Chicago (IL) – Elan Microelectronics, a Taiwanese chip designer is suing Apple, as of Tuesday, for alleged patent infringement involving two touchscreen patents in the iPhone, iPod touch and MacBook.

Elan claims that its patent protects the technology enabling finger position recognition on a trackpad or touch screen. The company is pushing to get an injunction to halt production of potentially infringing products.

Elan previously filed a similar lawsuit against Synaptics, which make trackpads and multitouch screens. Elan and Synaptics ended up in a cross-license agreement, suggesting that Elan might have a case against Apple. As so many other patent infringement cases, it is clear that Elan will also seek a monetary compensation, but so far has not shared how much that could be.

Both Elan and Apple declined to comment on the suit.