Apple sued over iTunes, App Store and iPhone’s camera

Chicago (IL) – Two new lawsuits filed earlier this week target Apple’s iTunes and App Store empires, as well as the iPhone. Affinity Labs claims that Apple infringed on its patented technologies for browsing, streaming and downloading content over wireless and cellular networks allegedly employed in the App Store and iTunes applications. Accolade Systems accused Apple of indirectly infringing on its patent by using CMOS image sensor technologies in the iPhone’s camera.

Apple has been hit with two new lawsuits this week that target iPhone’s camera, and even its iTunes and App Store behemoths. According to the court documents, Accolade Systems alleges that Apple indirectly violates its patent by using CMOS image sensors in the iPhone’s camera. Accolade claims that Aptina Imaging and Micron are violating its CMOS sensor patent, which means that Apple is affected by using the technology in its handset. Apple Insider reports that the original version of Accolade’s complaint mentioned only Aptina and Micron, suggesting that the later inclusion of Apple likely indicates a hope for much greater damages awarded to the company.

Another lawsuit, filed by Affinity Labs, focuses on an alleged patent violation in respect to technologies used to wirelessly transfer data to a portable device. Specifically, the complaint mentions that Apple’s cellphone and the iPod touch music player employ Affinity’s patented technology for voicemail and music streaming features. In addition, the company claims that iTunes and the App Store infringe on Affinity Labs’ technologies for browsing, downloading and transferring content . While the company said Apple knew of at least one of the patents approved in March of last year, it appears that Apple was not aware of the remaining two patents handed to Affinity Labs in October 2008 and February 2009.