Apple replacing some Verizon iPad 2 units

There’s a problem with a small number of iPad 2 tablets sold with Verizon connectivity.

Apple fan site says the issue is with the device’s mobile equipment identifier (MEID) number. Every device that’s connected to a mobile service provider is assigned a unique number.

It’s like a social security number for smartphones and tablets, but apparently somehow there was a batch of iPad 2 units that were assigned identical MEIDs.

And if someone tries to activate a device that has the same MEID as an already-activated device, it will never work.

Apple has apparently confirmed this problem and is allowing customers with affected units to swap them out for a new iPad 2. 9to5mac reports the store may even be offering a $50 gift card to those who need to do the exchange.

The company has reportedly narrowed down the issue to a range of iPad 2 SKU numbers, and anyone who brings in a unit with a SKU in that range will be eligible for a new one.

However, none of this information is being made public. Apple is only sharing the details to customers who express problems connecting to Verizon on their tablet.

As for Verizon, it appears to be deflecting all questions to Apple, leading us to assume this was a manufacturing issue and Verizon is not responsible.