Apple, Microsoft, others sued over touchpad products

A case started in a US district court alleging that Microsoft, Apple and a host of other defendants have breached a patent relating to touchpad technology.

The case was filed in the Eastern District of Texas (Tyler) District court.

Tsera LLC claims that it owns US patent number 6,639,584 , called Methods and Apparatus for Controlling a Portable Electronic Device using a Touchpad.

Other defendants in the case include LG Electronics, Philips Electronics, Bang & Olufsen and Iriver Inc.

Apple, it’s alleged, breaches the patent by making portable electronic devices with touch sensitive surfaces, including the iPod Classic and the iPod Nano.

LG Electronics has breached the patent in its Chocolate VX8500 cellular phone/MP3 player.

Microsoft, it’s alleged, infringes the patent with the Zune digital media player, while Philips is alleged to have infringed the patent with the GoFear HDD1630 MP3 player.

The other defendants in the case are alleged to have breached the patent and again these are related to MP3 players they make.

Tsera LLC wants damages from all the defendants.

* Another patent case was filed by Guardian Media Technologies against Microsoft on the 14th of July but details of the allegation are not yet available.