AMD executives admitted its chips were inferior

Updated A response to the FTC investigation into the Intel Corporation has revealed that senior AMD executives – including Hector Ruiz and Henri Richard – didn’t think much of their own products. Intel has also replied to an investigation initiated by New York State.

According to the PDF, which has several pieces of the testimony blanked out, or “redacted”, Richard Henri, executive VP at AMD, said that looked through objective eyes, “you would never buy AMD”. He added: “I certainly would never buy AMD for a personal system if I wasn’t working here.”

He described AMD as “pathetic” because it sold processors rather than platforms. AMD, he continued, “is saddled with a reputation that ‘we’re cheap, less reliable, lower quality consumer type product”.

There’s worse, according to the PDF. AMD’s chairman, then Hector Ruiz, said that his company had adopted a strategy under which it was not as competitive in the mobile space. AMD was “late with a competitive product in the mobile space”.

In 2005 an unnamed executive said AMD had a poor product execution track record.

Intel claims that AMD’s inability to execute meant it lost impetus with Dell, for example, causing it to switch back to Intel.

There’s more, a lot more – and of course Intel has an ax to grind. But read the response to the FTC investigation here.

In its response to the New York State investigation, Intel said that the complaint is based on an inconsistency about pricing.  The complaint is “highly selective” in choosing evidence. That filing is here.